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Homies, Oakland. September 2014

Delaney at home, Oakland. August 2014

Kurt drinking a “Never hungover again” beer , that a person made! Fox Theater, Oakland. August 2014

Delaney at a cemetery in Tomales. September 2014

Me at a cemetery in Tomales. September 2014. Taken by TimĀ 

Tim, Tomales. September 2014.

Delaney and Hayley, Yuba. September 2014.

Melissa’s, tanning happy. Russian River, September 2014.

Me at Growing up is dumb , 2014

Barry, Kwan and Chase on the balcony at Growing Up is Dumb


wow Im eating this for the first time right now and its like one of the best things i’ve ever tasted

Sam sitting by a window at Growing up is Dumb. August 2014

Mirror shot in a bathroom at Growing up is dumb, August 2014.

Shelby, Sam, Tony and Barry at the El Rey, July 2014

Cj at a BBQ at stephanie’s house in San Pedro. August 2014