wow Im eating this for the first time right now and its like one of the best things i’ve ever tasted

Sam sitting by a window at Growing up is Dumb. August 2014

Mirror shot in a bathroom at Growing up is dumb, August 2014.

Shelby, Sam, Tony and Barry at the El Rey, July 2014

Cj at a BBQ at stephanie’s house in San Pedro. August 2014

:) hi , The El Rey. July 2014

Photo by Shusaku Yoshikawa

homie takes great photos

(Source: shusuck)

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On the best ride! at Knotts. July 2014  (photo’s taken by kurt)


Me and Yui, Castro, April 2014 by Vivian Fu

Vivian!! Fu!!

Kurt in a strangers fridge, June 2014. 

I got off the train on the way to Coney Island to use the bathroom and there was this beautiful cemetery. July 2014, Somewhere in New York.

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Kurt forever, 2013-2014.  

Locations: Williamsburg, New York/Amoeba, Hollywood/Chelsea, New York /Palos Verdes, California/Kurt’s childhood garage, Torrance/Dog Beach, Long Beach/Dylan’s room, Torrance/Kurt’s childhood home, Torrance.

The doctor is in, Knott’s Berry Farm, July 2013 for Kurt’s birthday.

Me at the Redondo Beach Pier, June 2013 (photo taken by Kurt)

Cj and Delaney in a rainbow hammock at the Kern River, July 2014